Genetic Inheritance Prediction Counselling Identification Cards or GIPCI Cards (as popularly known) or Genetic counselling cards or Gene Card. Is not just a piece of card but much more than that. It saves precious life, it saves the whole family from being born with high economic burden ridden disease. In long term saves billions of rupees of government in the form of lesser health care capex and opex for these genetic diseases.


ISO / IEC 7810 size
Format ID-1

Size: 84 – 86mm x 54 mm (lxb) Thickness: 0.3 to 1mm complying with ISO CR-79-80 standards.

Material: Flexible Plastic, PVC Type: Double Sided. Shape: Rectangular with rounded corners. Printing Type: Digital printing. Lamination: Fusing/Baking.

Genetic Inheritance Prediction Counselling Identification Card MODELS:

  • • Digitally Printed blank card.
  • • The agency can fill the required card fields with marker pen.
  • • Chances of mistake and wrong card issuance remains.
  • • App and Software assisted Automated online Counselling via QR Code on the card.
  • • Designing support.
  • • Other paid support.
  • • Security feature to be embedded for making the card non-reproducible.
  • Other consultation support for:
  • • Marriage alerts
  • • Awareness education motivation and counselling
  • • 360 degree program
  • *SHG meetings
  • *Strenuous job change advocacy, skill development vocational training
  • *Disability benefits facilitation
  • *24×7 call centre marriage, pregnancy planning, emergency
  • *Conservative management techniques health in your own hands approach.
  • *App for SCD related symptom management.
  • “Learning to live with SCD (also incurable disease) program
  • *Best practices and Case study dissemination
  • *Intial Survey for assessment of behaviour and practices
  • *Post survey for impact assessment
  • *Capacity building of local diagnostic, treatment facility for sustainability of program
  • *Technology enabled health care initiative

Genetic or marriage counselling is a skilled job and requires appointment of HR at several locations to carry out counselling and is recurring & money intensive. To achieve this in constrained one-time budget impactful implementation, the individuals can help themselves before choosing to extend their family via printed color-coded genetic inheritance card through matching of the said cards or deciding whether to marry or not, thus, making the individuals self-reliant in taking informed decision about transmission of the disease in the coming generations. Therefore, post screening of members in the community. These cards will help them decide whether to marry or not.

Card Complies with NHM GUIDELINES FOR PREVENTION & MANAGEMENT OF HEMOGLOBINOPATHIES. Helpful in self pre-marital and pre-conception informed decision making based on the genetic inheritance prediction and counselling information thereof.

Easy to use & interpret – Identification card which is color-coded and has the ability of instantly predicting the inheritance pattern (by lay persons) of couple deciding to marry or couple who wants to conceive, at the same time is capable of counselling for making decision based on the result of card matching.

Download English/Hindi Brochure (Below):