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Sickle cell status ID Card

Sickle cell status ID Card is a Patented and copyrighted product of Dr.Smita Nisanth Nambison.

Ministry of Health and family welfare, Govt of India through its D.O. Letter No.- H.28015/25/2022-BC/NHM-I, Dated- 9th February 2023 urged the states.

Launch of Sickle Cell Mission is on the anvil. The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and Ministry of Tribal Affairs have jointly developed Draft guidelines for Programme on Prevention and Treatment of Sickle Cell Disease under the National Sickle Cell Mission 2022.

The mission mode implementation entails issue of sickle cell ID cards for every screened individual. This unique card not only depicts the status of sickle cell disease but also facilitates pre marriage counselling for prospective couples.

A template of the ID card can be seen below.

It has 6 types of cards — 3 types for males and 3 types for females. Depending on the test results, appropriate card with the contact details of the screened individual is to be issued.

The State has to undertake printing of sickle cell ID cards based on the existing state procurement policy through an open bidding process. However, states have to ensure that the bidding agency selected for the printing of cards duly complies with all copyrights related to the template, if any.

Here the unique card is a Patented and copyrighted product of Dr.Smita Nisanth Nambison.

Therefore, the participants of the bid must take consent before participating from drsmita (at) nambisons (dot) com

This is a Make in India proprietary (patent/copyrighted) product of a MP based startup. Based on this IPR (intellectual property rights) GoI DPIIT (Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade), GeM Government e-Marketplace, GoI QCI (Quality council of India) VA-551400676353311 dated April 13th, 2022 and GoI Agnii (Accelerating Growth of New India’s Innovations) has recognised and certified the Women Entrepreneur – Nambisons softronix the only OEM and expertise of manufacturing complex combinations of different Genetic disease Inheritance Prediction counselling card in the world.

Sickle cell status ID Card – is a specially designed card with patented algorithmic punching for DIY slide-on marriage match making for prevention of genetic diseases like Sickle cell anemia, thalassemia etc. Specifically designed, Embedded genetic code status, Patented special tri-punch based on mendelian algorithm through special card cutting technology developed in-house. 

Hon’ble Prime Minister Modi ji’s call for Patent, produce & Prosper inspired us to go extra mile to innovate for eradicating sickle cell from our country and from the world.

Collaborate and make this mission a grand success.

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